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Pretty Polly Curves COOLING SHORTS Nude & Black



Pretty Pollys Curves range is a specialist range designed to comfortably fit the curvier figure up to UK dress size 32 (60EU, 28US)

Great for wearing with skirts for modesty and to help prevent thigh chafing.

Innovation yarn keeps you feeling cool and comfortable as you get warmer.

Comfortable waistband.

Reinforced body with added back panel for a great fit and comfort.

Comfort thigh cuff.

Measurements :     Height   5'0"-5'6"   18-22(UK)46-50(EU)14-18(US)  22-26(UK)50-54(EU)18-22(US) = XLarge

                                            5'0"-5'6"   26-32(UK)50-54(EU)18-22(US) = XXLarge

                              Height    5'6"-6'0"    18-22(UK)46-50(EU)14-18(US) = XLarge

                                            5'6"-6'0"    22-26(UK)50-54(EU)18-22(US)   26-32(UK)54-60(EU)22-28(US) = XXLarge


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